DNAs Did not attend appointments notice

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Did not attend (DNA) overview

A Did Not Attend (DNA) occurs when an appointment is not attended and the Patient has not contacted the Practice in advance to cancel it or where the cancellation is so late as to make it impossible to allocate that time to another Patient who needs treatment.

The Practice will code this DNA and this will prompt a retrospective check on the number of DNAs recorded against that person. Whilst we are primarily concerned with our own appointment observance, consideration may also be given to any hospital appointments where we have been notified that a Patient has failed to attend.

A re-referral on the part of the GP (more GP time) will often be required by the hospital department so that the Patient can be recalled. Where this is the first occasion, a code will be added to the Patient’s medical record and the DNA counted in a monthly search.

We are noticing a high number of patients who are not attending booked appointments at the surgery with the GP or the nursing team. Please note that if you cannot attend your appointment to please notify the surgery by calling us on 02089972525 or email us on admin.theavenue@nhs.net.

We are sending out DNA letters to patients and if a patient does not attend a booked appointment with the clinician without notifying the practice, after 2 non attendances in a period of 12 months, the patient may be asked to register with another surgery as per practice policy after any mitigating circumstances are discussed. If you are removed due to continued DNAs you will be notified of this by the PCSE and the practice in writing.

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