Melanie Gonzales-Singh

“I have worked for 26 years as a Nurse and am still counting. I had the great opportunity of working and developing my skills in speciality areas like intensive care, emergency, theatres, and acute medical units at the start of my journey, before joining the district nursing team that gave me the privileges of understanding the dynamics of looking after people in the community and in their home setting. It has also enhanced my knowledge and skills in wound and palliative care. 

I now work in General Practice and have done so for the last 5 years. I am passionate about looking after people with diabetes and health promotion. I also do look after people with chronic conditions like Asthma and COPD, in addition to performing other practice nurse roles that include immunisations, travel health and smears. 

Whilst it was not my first personal choice to be a nurse, I am so thankful I have chosen this path. My greatest influence was my father who wasn’t a medical person but just one great cool dude, whose heart was full of care and compassion towards others.

If I’m not in the clinic working,  you will find me travelling and spending quality time with my family.”